Love is a ruthless game

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iTunes doesn’t have Welcome To New York up in Russia, the UK, or France like people were saying. It was obviously iTunes fault and they screwed up and took it down. Don’t listen or reblog until it comes out officially tonight at 11 PM EST. 

Taylor liked this on October 20th

I just bought it in the Dutch iTunes

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"I’ve used music to help me deal with life and love and all the important lesson you learn growing up. A song I wrote a couple years ago that I was very proud of, ‘Mean,’ was about not understanding why people say what they say and why people make you feel small and weird or like you’re not special or deserve what you have. I was very confused about that social dynamic back when I wrote that song, and since then the lesson I’ve very gradually learned is that there’s nothing I can do. There’s no amount of questioning that to make people change their behavior - I have to change my behavior, and I have to change it from being protective of myself to kind of rocking it."

Taylor Swift (Nashville Lifestyles, October 2014) (x)

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i wish i could give you a sign, i wish you would give me a sign, i wish something would give us both a sign that it was not wasted

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"A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart."

Ed Sheeran  (via fawun)

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